to say both tora and tess hated everything about these shifts would have been an understatement

it was 11:59, and tess was having the time of her life. she was buzzed from the flow of alcohol at yet another trevisan shindig. of course the shift had to happen in that very moment; it had to be the weekend of a surprise party for jon's brother, shawn. while it was great fun for tess, unfortunately for tora olafsdotter, it meant waking up to experience the feel of booster gold's lips on her own in addition to the searing pain in her head. it took her a few seconds to realize what was happening (or maybe tess was just fighting for her to enjoy it), and as her eyes shot open, she pushed herself away with a blast of ice.

she had not meant to push back so violently and normally had better control over her abilities. the circumstances of her shift and the position she had found herself in had caught her off guard. she flew back in a rush and collided with the opposite wall, leaving shards of ice lay strewn in between her and booster. she gave him an apologetic look for her reaction, but she could see in his eyes he felt similarly. neither had been keen on tess and jon growing closer, both for their own reasons, and she could feel herself itching to get away. she wanted to run before her counterpart took over.

which was exactly what she did, though she did not get far before she encountered her best friend and... someone else. a familiar face. of all of the people she had expected to see, ted kord had not been one of them. like her, he had died, but unlike her, he had not mysteriously resurrected. all feelings of confusion regarding tess olson's love life disappeared into the background as happiness at seeing a friend returned from the grave took over. she looked on with excitement, offered hugs and sentiments – all the things tora had longed for in the moments after being pulled from the ice in that cavern. welcome to the club, she had told him, the brightest of smiles on her face.

in that moment, she had experienced the first positive aspect of the curse that had befallen them.