by the time thursday came around, tora knew that avoiding the elephant in the room was proving impossible. when she realized that booster felt similarly, there was only one thing to do: man up and confront it head-on. so, she had invited him over for dinner, in hopes that the food would be a nice buffer.

she'd spent the day mulling over and trying to make sense of her own feelings. for months, she had avoided it, refused to confront or even acknowledge what was happening. it was causing too much stress and too much friction, and it was interfering with the little time they had in this realm. by the end of the week, if the pattern repeated, they would fade into the ether and leave their other selves very confused if they kept this up. maybe the person who had told her giving in and accepting it was for the best was right. maybe that was what she needed to do. accept it was happening and not avoid it or booster. it could have been worse, after all.

when it turned out he felt the same way and they were able to come to an agreement, it was as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. for the first time since shifting, she could relax.